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43 Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips For Beginners

43 Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips For Beginners – Here are 43 useful beginner tips to help you get through the world of Assassins Creed Valhalla that little bit easier.

The best tip I can possibly give you guys for the game is this – find the two dive of the Valkyries abilities early as the ability can unlock barred doors including castle gates during sieges.  This will save you hours and hours of not having to search for ways into buildings and finding keys.

Here then are 42 more useful and helpful tips and tricks for assassin’s creed Valhalla.

43 Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips – AC Valhalla Tips & Tricks For Beginners

43 Assassins Creed Valhalla Tips For Beginners

Weapons & Armor

  1. Don’t waste any materials or ingots on upgrading any weapons, wait to get the best weapon first.  You can get most stuff quite early in the game, even from the higher-level areas.
  2. The Incendiary Powder Trap Ability should be picked up as soon as possible, its located in the first area of England so you can get it early, doing so is useful for blowing open any destroyable walls and there are lots of them.
  3. Once you have it you can get one of the best weapon in game.  Located in Humtunscire which is power level 340, you can sneak and pick up the Vordr axe which will serve well the whole game.
  4. A second good choice for early game is either of the longswords Dopplehander found in any store or the Carolingian Longsword located in East Anglia, not quite as strong as the Vordr axe but quicker and funnier to use against multiple enemies, like soldiers.
  5. Whenever you go to any new town visit the store and buy up all of the iron, you cannot get have enough of it and it restocks in the stores
  6. Stamina use Is dependent on your armor, light armor, meaning wolf or raven uses less than bear meaning you can dodge an extra time before your bar is depleted.  If you want heavy armor and extra stamina, then equipping bear armor without the cloak is the only way to do that. 


  1. If an enemy has a shield or is defending, parrying their attacks drops their defences so you can attack them.
  2. Remember to use your power attack with RT or R2 because I didn’t release it for a while, I would always press and hold which brings up the ability menu but tapping is you heavy attack.
  3. Enemy attacks are predictable so you can learn them to know when to strike and avoid being hit.
  4. A good combat strategy is to always hit and move.  Several attacks followed by a dodge and repeat works great against most enemies or groups of enemies.
  5. Use up your ability attacks whenever you have stamina as stronger enemies can drain stamina.
  6. Time your powerful abilities to when an enemy is attacking to counter that attack.
  7. When fighting Zealots, lure them to water and summon your longship to help distract them.
  8. Speaking of zealots, when fighting them, make sure to target the glowing orange parts, the weak spots, with arrows to allow you a free and powerful hit, this works with all other enemies as well.
  9. Holding a Torch with a bow allows you to shoot fire arrows.  If you can’t hold both as with some bows drop the torch and dip your arrow for fire arrows.
  10. You can throw torches at enemies to set them on fire
  11. When dodging I can dodge 5 times before my stamina runs out but holding the dodge button on your last piece of stamina will give you an extra roll dodge for free.  Useful for tougher enemies than this guy.


  1. Focus on one type of armor first, bear, raven or wolf and upgrade the appropriate skill tree.  This will help give you a big boost to your weapons and armor early on.  Eventually you will start to upgrade other skill trees.
  2. If you don’t like the skills, you have picked or you have changed weapon or armor types you can respect at any time.


  1. Make sure to kill every animal you come across, not only for xp and rations but the animal parts are needed for hunter challenges and alter tributes. 
  2. Fish can be caught and exchanged for gifts at the fishing hut in your village, however fishing is slow and boring.  You can catch fish much quicker with a bow and arrow.
  3. There is a spot in northwic, East Anglia where you can kill fish with your weapon in the shallow water for tons of easy silver early, the trader sits right next to the dock as well.
  4. One of the quickest ways to earn silver is selling fish with some get over 20 each.
  5. If your looking for some very easy silver there is a bug in this place called walden, where you can bet on a drinking contest.  Your only supposed to be able to bet once, but you can keep repeating at this location.


  1. Don’t bother collecting treasures from regions before you do the alliance missions to prevent repeatedly killing the same enemies.  This is because a lot of the wealth chests are located in strongholds or enemy strongholds which you usually have to go to in missions and so it’s worth picking them up when doing the missions.  Plus there are some items that cant be reached until doing the mission.
  2. Always unlock fast travel points when close to them as missions often take you back and forth across the map regions.
  3. Remember that many villages have dock to unlock for fast traveling
  4. Whenever you come across minerals to mine, you should always do so because you need thousands of iron ore.
  5. Holding x when on a horse or boat will auto move for you.  Pressing Y will head towards a marker or mission objective.
  6. If you can’t auto follow to mission objective, set a marker on the map to a road close to it and follow that instead.
  7. Upgrade your settlement and your stables as quick as possible as you can upgrade your horse to be able to swim across rivers.
  8. You can loot from your horse
  9. When riding your horse, try to stick to roads as much as possible because traveling on them doesn’t use up any stamina.
  10. Meditate to change the time of day
  11. When falling from a height that will damage or even kill you, pause the game and then unpause and you won’t take damage.
  12. If you don’t have any arrows, torches can be thrown to knock down hanging crates.
  13. Torches Will temporarily remove gas
  14. You can steal boats if you don’t want your longship


  1. Lots of missions only give you the general area of where you’re going, and you need to search for people, clues, or items.  Your raven is the easiest way to find exactly where to go.
  2. When carrying crate or people for quests and you need to place them down, pressing the dodge button automatically drops them, skipping the place down animation.
  3. Make sure to do the daily and weekly contracts for Reda in the village You get rewarded opal, used to buy unique legendary items.  But the targets you kill often have decent stuff like runes and building materials when you kill them.

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