38 Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games (Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, Obsidian, Mojang, E3 & More)

38 Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games (Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, Obsidian, Mojang, E3 & More)

38 Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games

Xbox has loads of upcoming games in the works and many will be showcased at E3 this year, here then is a list of all the know games in development under the Microsoft xbox umbrella, either established or brand new IP’s including games like elder scrolls 6, avowed, halo infinite, minecraft and more. After E3 we could see even more xbox exclusives added with the rumour that several Microsoft acquisitions are gonna be announced.

343 Industries

will be releasing halo infinite this year, and with the game said to be a 10 year project, I suspect there will be plenty of Dlcs for it going forward.

compulsion games

We happy few studio compulsion games is working on a third person action-adventure game that’s a new IP and is said to be a mixture of BioShock and uncharted, not a bad mix of games.

Double Fine

are finishing up Psychonauts 2 but also started working on an unannounced new IP, but it has no details as of yet.


this next one excites me, inXile are working on two new games, one an existing IP the other a new IP and one of the games is an FPS RPG with a AAA budget.  Now its almost certain that one of these games from inXile is wasteland 4, huge fan of wasteland by the way, but since wasteland is not traditionally first person, that means either the new triple aaa shooter RPG is the new IP or the wasteland series is being upgrading to be more of a fallout style game set in the wasteland universe.  Either way, inXile make a great game in terms of both story and gameplay which is why im excited.  There are rumuors going around that they could be making a new fallout game, im sure they would make and awesome one, but for now exactly what inXile are working on is still up in the air but its still gonna be a while before we see the game as its being made on unreal engine 5.


they are working on a new IP, another minecraft spin-off.  Dungeons was their first attempt, and it was OK, but still could have been better, and I would love to see an open world RPG /action style game from them.

Ninja Theory

have 3 upcoming Ips, one established 2 new.  First Hellblade 2 which is being made in UE5, there a lot of excitement around that but im not a fan really. What is called Project Mara right now, a psychological thriller and set in a photo-realistic environment. And The Insight Project a game experiences” to help people control their fear and anxiety. Not my type of thing any of these but still 3 Ips being worked on.


crazily are working on 5 Ips at the minute, one established and 4 brand new ones.  One team is focused on Avowed which is a Skyrim inspired open world RPG, I mean a skyrim style game made by obsidian, it could be amazing. Another team is working on Grounded which is still in early access although there is a lot of the game made already. Another team working on potentially Outer Worlds 2, outer worlds was actually my favourite game of 2019.  There are also 2 other new Ips that we have no info on.

Playground Games

is making a new Forza as you would expect but also the next instalment of the fable series.  Im glad to see fable make a return, it’s got so much potential.

The Coalition

is working on the next gears game but also developing a new IP in Unreal Engine 5 but there is no info yet.


are working on a new game called Everwild, a unique and unforgettable experiences await in a natural and magical world according to the devs.

The Initiative

they are rebooting perfect dark, and initially that’s not getting too many people excited as the previous games were not major successes, but I personally disagree because perfect dark was my favourite Nintendo 64 games and then I only played a small amount of perfect dark zero if 12 hours a day from 2007 – 2011 Is small.  So im super excited for the reboot, but Its more than that, I feel like Microsoft are gonna try and turn the franchise around into something very big.  The game is being developed by the initiative, who according to them are using there very experienced team of deveolopers to create not Triple A games, but Quadruple A games.  There official description says” The studio is about craft, creating story, innovating, and looking ahead to the next big thing.” That sounds far-fetched but then you look at the people working on the next perfect dark, Christian Cantamessa, co wrote red dead redemption and manhunt, was the level developer on san andreas. Darrell Gallagherwho was head of development on some call of duty games and destiny 2.  Dan Neuburger made tomb raider, joseph than, worked on diablo 4 before joining this year.  Sean slayback a lot of the previous call of duties and apex legends.  Rhonda Cox jedi fallen order and world of warcraft, steven ty modern warfare, battlefield 5, and those are just the people at the initiative who have their profiles public when I lurked on their linked in page.  But yeah cant wait to see if this shows up at e3.

Turn 10

is working on Forza Motorsports, a different forza to playground games who are presumably working on Forza Horizon 5.

Undead Labs

is working on a new state of decay which promises to be a far more accomplished game than its predecessors.

World’s Edge

are a new team working on age of empires 4


are working on Starfield, which we will see more of at E3 and they are working on the elder scrolls 6.

id Software

are working on a new IP but its unclear right now if its new franchise or they are making a spinoff of doom.

Arkane Studios

are working on Deathloop and a fantasy game with vampires which is all we know so far.

Machine Games

todd howard is working on an Indiana jones game and another IP as well, likely to be Wolfenstein.  It sounds like the type of game to be showcased at E3.

Zenimax Online

they have 2 new Ips in the works, which is exciting given the potential games they have to work with, but no info yet.

Alpha Dog and Roundhouse

who are made up of the old human head studios that made the original prey game have a couple of new Ips as well

Xbox Publishing/”Second-party” deals


are working on Flight Simulator for console

IO Interactive

who make hitman of course, are working on an online game called codenamed, project dragon.

Avalanche Studios

are working on a game, it could be rage 3, it could be mad max, hopefully its just cause 5 and its more just cause 3 than 4.

Image and Form

are working on a game called the Gunk

Remedy Entertainment

are making crossfire X

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