Borderlands 3 Reviews Roundup and Launch Trailer.

The borderlands 3 launch embargo has lifted and the reviews are in and its mostly positive, although not everyone is happy but not all the scores are out.

Borderlands 3 Reviews Roundup and Launch Trailer. 1

Due to concerns over leaks, Gearbox did not send review copies to anyone outside the US, so plenty of other reviews will show up over the coming week, here are the results so far.

From the scores , while mostly positive, there are some criticisms on the lack of revolution of the series. It feels like an updated borderlands 2, rather than a new groundbreaking game.

If you like borderlands already, you will enjoy borderlands 3, if you dont or where on the fence about borderlands 2, then probably not.

Its not long however until the game releases, just a few more days to go before we can decide for ourselves if the game will live up to the hype. In the meantime the launch trailer for the game has been revealed.

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