Apex Solo Mode Update Details

Apex Solo Mode Update Adds a New Area, Heirloom, New Legendary Skins & More

A new update for apex legends has added the Iron Crown Event.  The event adds the long-awaited solo mode to the game but lots more.  Including a completely new area of the map designed by octane himself.  New legendary skins for most legends.  Plus, new challenges, XP event and loot.  One of the new loot is our second heirloom in the game, this time for bloodhound.

So What’s in the Iron Crown Collection Event:

  • Limited-Time Mode – Solos
  • Octane Town Takeover
  • Double XP for Top 5 and Wins Weekend
  • A special Iron Crown Collection Pack and Iron Crown Event Store
    • With Bloodhound Heirloom Set Preview
  • Exclusive event challenges with free loot

Well start with Solos

Solos is only here for a limited time and whether or not it makes a return will be based on player feedback.  Since the update just released, haven’t really had much time to play around on it, but so far seems like its gonna be quite enjoyable.

Especially if you are the type of player, who likes to hot drop and do your own thing, you can land skull town now and rack up the kills.  If you die, you can restart a new game and be back in skull town in less than a minute.

I think it’s a mode which a lot of players, especially those who like to get lots of kills, will enjoy.

A new feature has also been added when you die, this kill screen telling you how much damage you did to each player, how much damage received plus whicg weapons were used.  I really like this addition to the game.


Octane Town Takeover

Octane has taken over part of Kings Canyon and done a bit of remodelling to better suit his adrenaline-seeking tendencies. Check out the mega jump pad course and Ring of Fire to eliminate enemy squads in style.  The area between air base and Thunderdome, the buildings there have been levelled and replaced with this unique area designed by octane.
Again this kind of unique area, is something the devs are testing and will make more of these unique places if players like them.

A special Iron Crown Collection Pack

Apex Legends Collection Events bring a set of themed, limited-time content to Kings Canyon.  Open Iron Crown Collection Packs for a 50% shot at an Epic item and a 50% shot at a Legendary item from a set of 24 themed items. No Commons, no Rare’s, and no duplicates will be included in these packs.

A fixed loot pool with no duplicates means that if you unlock all 12 Epics and still have items remaining, you’re guaranteed a Legendary on every future Iron Crown Collection Pack opening.

Some of the key items you can get from the pack are

Gibraltar – Call to Arms

Wraith – Judge Jury & executioner &Protector of the void

Mirage – Captain Bamboozle

Wattson – The warrior empress

Pathfinder – War machine

Bloodhound – The Centurion

You can see all the cosmetics on screen now and I have to admit they are awesome.  The epic not so much but those legendary, the skins and particularly the paradigm shifter r99 skins and noble cause peacekeeper skins look amazing.

Iron Crown Event Store

The Iron Crown Collection Event also introduces a new event currency, Crowns, which can be earned from challenges and received from Iron Crown Collection Packs. Crowns can be spent in the new limited-time event store to unlock Event-Limited Rare, Epic, and Legendary content. 

During the event, if you unlock all 24 Iron Crown Collection Pack items, you’ll be able to get Bloodhound’s Heirloom Set with Apex Coins. The Bloodhound Heirloom Set will enter the standard Apex Pack bonus pool after the Iron Crown Preview Event ends.

Unspent Crowns will automatically convert to Crafting Metals at the end of the event. All Iron Crown Collection Packs and Iron Crown Store content are Event Limited.

Event Challenges with Free Loot

During the Iron Crown Collection Event, complete a variety of challenges to earn two Iron Crown Collection Packs, exclusive Iron Crown event badges, and Crowns.

Double Top 5 and Wins XP Weekend

From 10:00 a.m. PT on August 9 through 10:00 a.m. PT on August 12, players will earn double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins.  This bonus will affect both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.

Guys that is about it for this video, solo mode has been added for a limited time, plus a bunch of cosmetics for you to collect as well.

Let me know in the comments are you planning on playing solo mode in the game.

Ill be back soon with more apex legends, PUBG, Modern warfare and other shooter game updates.

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Guys have an awesome day and I will see you all in the next one, peace out.

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