PUBG Xbox Update Info PTS Returning

The next patch is scheduled for July 30 PDT/CEST, and you will be able to test out the new contents on the Public Test Server (PTS) on July 23 PDT/CEST. This update will introduce a new weapon, the Deagle, a new vehicle, the BRDM-2, as well as quality of life improvements and features.

  • New Weapon: Deagle
    • Highest damage of all handguns.
    • Rare spawn on all maps.
  • New Vehicle: BRDM-2
    • Can only be called in as a special Care Package using the Flare Gun.
    • Amphibious, can travel on land and water.
    • Replaces the armored UAZ.
  • Improved Gas Can
    • The Gas Can has become explosive!
    • When blown up, it deals damage to all players in a radius around its location.
  • Improved Loot Sorting
    • Loot will (finally) be better organized for player crates, vicinity loot, and care packages.
  • Radio Message
    • A new communication function that will help you better communicate with your teammates
    •  8 types of messages to choose from, some of which will work interactively with targets, items, and your inventory.
  • Auto Replace Weapon Skin
    • An option which will allow you to automatically replace the skin on a picked up weapon with your own.

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