16 Hidden & Secret Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

16 Hidden & Secret Details In Red Dead Redemption 2

The Game Still Has INSANE Levels of Detail In 2022 - Red Red Redemption 2

Here are 16 Hidden Details in Red Dead Redemption 2, this has to be the most detailed game of all time and the secrets are endless. Im continuing to explore the world to discover all there is to know and will share more videos as I go.

The realism in red dead redemption 2 is all in the small details and the secrets hidden in the game world. NPC interactions is one of the biggest features of the game, they can play instruments, get into fights with each other, or with the player, they have jobs like shopkeepers, farmers and even executioners.

Other NPCs appear in random events that aim to make playing the game less predictable, you can come across serial killers, bandits, do-gooders, preachers, prisoners and gangs and any interaction you have with these in game NPCs has multiple outcomes, usually you can increase or decrease your honor level or remain neutral.

The world is also full of many secrets and immersion, you can feed people to alligators, watch movies, go to the theatre, visit an art auction, race horses, fish, and hunt animals. If you head out into the snow, you will freeze to death if your not warm, but a nice campfire will keep you going.

In total there are hundreds of examples of realism in red dead redemption 2 and im going over as many as possible.


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